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​Artist: Uniqua Simmons

Art Exhibition: 

"You are Wonderfully made"

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commissioned work

contact: Uniqua Simmons

[email protected]

"Speak your personal truths"

cotton, hand dyed fabric, cowrie shell, clam shell, glass beads, brass wire, overhand knotted felt, sewn and appliqued. 56" x 45", 2023. Price-$1,800​

The throat chakra.

Your truth speaks in words and sound.  Sing, speak, and make sounds of self -expression.

"We are Wonderfully made. Muse."

Cotton, hand painted fabric, over hand knotted felt, appliqued.

55" x 46", 2021, Price-$1,800

Psalm 139:14

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.


"Rise up" 

cotton, spandex, embroidered fabric, overhand knotted felt, sewn and appliqued, 

28" x 22", 2023. Price $950

Rise up into your greatness. Give thanks, Gratitude prevails. 


Cotton, hand dyed fabric, overhand knotted felt, sewn and appliqued, "36 x 31", 2023, Price -$950

Visualize, manifest. Take action towards your goals daily.

"Seeking the Senses" 

Shiboro hand dyed fabric, hand painted fabric, cowrie shells, crystals, overhand knotted felt, sewn and appliqued. 47" x 36" 2023. Price- $1,800

"Seeking the Senses" 

Sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell, vestibular, proprioceptive. We are wonderfully made!!

"Kujichunguza ( Introspect )"

Cotton, hand painted fabric, crystals, overhand knotted felt, sewn and appliqued.

35" x 35", 2023. Price-$950

Learning and wanting to know yourself.

Reflecting, meditating, mindfulness practices. Quiet time within and out.

"Textured Love"

Cotton, appliqued, overhand knotted felt. 

38" x 38", 2023, Price-$450

Self- Love, Show Love, Be Love,