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Unique Differences​

Arts, Dance, and Fitness

for all abilities.

 My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S. Visual Arts/ Crafts

This is an open level Visual Arts and Crafts  class for all abilities.  Participants will learn and use the principals of art to create themed projects that will be completed by the end of class.  Everyone can feel a sense of accomplishment creating and learning about art and socializing.


60 minutes 

Keep it Moving Ya'll

Dance/ Movement

This is an open level Dance/Movement class for all abilities.  Participants are welcome to move at their own pace, standing or sitting.  Enjoy moving and creating dances. Learn about wellness, mindfulness. 

Let's get Moving !


60 minutes-Zoom

Take the work out of the workout!

This is an open level fitness class for all abilities.  All participants  will learn exercises for a total mind and body workout. Conditioning, strengthening, stretching, and mindfulness breathing and meditation.  All exercises and movement can be modified .  Everyone will have their own personal 


60 minutes-Zoom